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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is essential for any business. The more familiar your image is to the public the more likely they are to become a customer and you will develop loyalty with existing clients.

A logo needs to be appropriate in style to the company it is representing. It is the first step in establishing an association of quality and it should represent your core strengths and philosophies. A logo directs your perception of what you do and who your target markets are.

To establish your company's logo it must be effectively applied to all interfaces to draw a connection between you and your clients. These include business cards, stationery, signage, fleet vehicles and marketing. Contact Kelani Design for more information.

Desktop Publishing & Layout

Design of all of your publications need to tie in with your corporate identity to further develop the branding. Print media needs to look good as part of the whole identity and communicate the right message when on its own.Contact Kelani Design for more information.


Illustration is the lighter side of design and is used when more than hard edged professionalism is needed. What ever you are after - cartooning, book illustration or corporate metaphors, Kelani can create an artwork that will stand out from the best. Contact Kelani Design for more information.

Graphic Design Folio

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